About low-threshold programs

What are low-threshold programs
Low-threshold programs for children and youth are the complex of stationary or field services (social and leisure), easily accessible for children and young people.

Objective and target group
Low-threshold programs create the conditions for making contact and specific work with children and young people who avoid the standard institutional support, or do not seek it actively, where the necessity of the aid is presumed. The aim of such programs is to contribute to improving the quality of life of this group.

Low-threshold club is work with clients in a designated place, which is situated in the area where the target group lives or spends their leisure time.

Field social work is work with clients outside the institution. It aims to approach the children and young people, get in the places where they usually spend their time.

Association of low-threshold programs for children and youth (ANPDM)
The Association supervises these programs, creates standards and lobbies on their behalf in Slovakia, prepares joint activities (events for children and youth, conferences, trainings, etc.), shares information and experience and manages the web site www.nizkoprah.sk.