Through fun, support and adventure we help children and young people in Petržalka find their own way.

We offer easily accessible (low-threshold) programs. Children can come to KASPIAN when seeking advice, help, fun or sports – they can find us in the club and skate park. Services offered to young people are free of charge, no registration is needed and an emphasis is placed on safety and professionalism. We concentrate on what young people are really interested in and what they need.

We believe in human approach. Social services, informal education, preventive, leisure activities and participation projects are tools helping young people grow.

We are the oldest low-threshold program in Slovakia and we pass on our experience. We train and educate people interested in our work, including volunteers and students working as interns.


KASPIAN improves the lives of children and youth through easily accessible programmes. We help through social work, leisure time and prevention activities as well as education.


We want all children and young people to develop healthy in a safe environment with the support of their communities and to understand that they are responsible for their own decisions.


We are a professional and transparent, but first of all we preserve human approach. We respect the uniqueness of each person. Although we may not agree with the decisions of people to whom we are dedicated, we accept them. We respond to their current situation and needs. We are flexible in providing assistance but steady in values we follow. It is our utmost importance to maintain security and confidentiality of children and young people.

We are a team that comes up with new solutions and is not afraid of obstacles. The most fundamental, however, is not to create obstacles to the provision of services to children and young people.