Package of adventures and experience that are designed specifically for workers with children and young people, social workers and university students.

We offer: comprehensive accredited training “Alphabet of low-threshold”; strategic planning, workshops, presentations, lectures, internships and volunteer experience, excursions, conferences.
Our offer is based on practical experience gained in the field of low-threshold programs. We try to adapt every training to the needs of the people interested. Upon completion, each “graduate” receives a confirmation or a certificate.
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Alphabet of low-threshold
It is an interactive accredited education with practical assignments and training activities with children and youth. You can order it as a complete training (120 hrs.) or choose from various educational units: Introduction to methodology (40 hrs.), Development of skills of workers (40 hrs.), Fundraising and Public Relations (40 hrs.). Price of education is determined in consultation with interested parties.
Lecturers: Mgr. Martin Simon, Mgr. Zuzana Hollá, Mgr. Tomáš Kováč, Mgr. Peter Kulifaj.


Strategic Planning
Do you need to clarify priorities, review the direction and goals of the organization? Have any significant changes occurred recently? Are you opening a new program? Is one of your key employees leaving? Are you about to lose a source of funding? These are all good reasons to start with strategic planning.

Lecturers: Mgr. Martin Simon, Mgr. Zuzana Hollá, Mgr. Tomáš Kováč


Workshops, presentations and lectures
A way to learn more about our activities, target group, methods of work and its results. Its content is consulted with the interested person. The presentation may be associated with an excursion.


If you want to establish a low-threshold program, or get some inspiration, we offer you an internship in our organization. You will gain experience from our work, see new methods and approaches in working with children and young people and contribute to the running of the organization.


Experience and Volunteer work
Especially in direct work with children and young people we perceive volunteering as a way of acquiring experience and hence a form of education. Would you like to work as a volunteer in our programs? Do you know what kind of practice are you interested in and for how long? Send us the information together with your CV and a cover letter. Volunteers also help us in other areas (assistance with technology, translations and interpretations, graphics, etc.). If you would like to help us as a volunteer, please fill out this form.

Would you like to know where and how we work? We offer you an excursion of the club premises or places where social work is performed. Part of the excursion is a brief introduction to the activities of KASPIAN.

We are partners and … with various professional conferences in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We focus on topics that we deal with on a daily basis. We aim to bring practical experience to a wide audience.

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