PIK-NIK 2022

PIK-NIK 2022

PIK-NIK is our largest community event, where this year we celebrated its 25th anniversary. More than 150 visitors, including families with children, grandparents, and the local community, came to enjoy the great atmosphere of a September Saturday with us.


The all-day event was filled with a rich program, which started with creative workshops. There was a wide range of decorative materials, allowing every child to make their own original lantern. Outside, teacher Ivo captured children’s and adults’ attention by revealing the wonders of natural phenomena around us in an entertaining way through his Scientific Window.


Children also had the opportunity to have fun on the inflatable slide and jumping jungle, but the real hit was face painting. Butterflies, unicorns, spiders, sloths, and many other designs in various color combinations adorned almost all the children’s faces. In addition, the attractiveness of the outdoor space was enhanced by life-size Connect Four, bean bag toss, slackline, jumping mats, foosball, and ping pong. Mothers with children could also enjoy their time with proven Montessori activities.


Puppeteer and moderator Martin Žák, whose witty hosting entertained every age category, refreshed the program with unusual competitions, such as grape stem threading. Another undoubtedly captivating part of the program, in addition to hosting, was his theater performance “Fairy Tale Bus.”


The Hau’oli Band entertained us throughout the event with several performances, including during the cutting of the birthday cake. The chocolate cake filled with fresh vanilla cream and fruit was enjoyed by everyone who joined the queue. Visitors could also choose from other tasty refreshments, such as hot dogs, different types of cheesecakes, fruit, and lemonades, or coffee from Kakaw Co+. What sweetened our day was the bundt cake and banana bread brought by a community member.


The eagerly awaited conclusion of the program was the fire-light show by the Fandango group, which everyone enjoyed.


In addition to the performers, a BIG THANK YOU goes to our volunteers – Tomáš, Vilo, Matúš, Veronika, and Viktor, who helped us prepare the space before the event and ensured its smooth running. Thanks also go to Soňa and Zuzka, who could be found at the workshops or hot dog stands, but you may also remember them from KASPIAN clubs or terrains. Thanks also goes to our photographer Lucka, who ensured that we remember the unique moments from the PIK-NIK 2022 for as long as possible.


You can watch a video from PIK-NIK HERE.


The project was funded by a grant from the budget of the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava, through the Foundation. The project is implemented with the financial support of the mayor of the Bratislava-Petržalka district. The project was also supported by the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava. This event was supported by grants from the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport in the area of youth work, administered by IUVENTA – the Slovak Youth Institute. We thank Lidl Slovakia and Tesco Slovakia for their support of this activity.