40 years of exercise: The Path to Health and Well-being

40 years of exercise: The Path to Health and Well-being

It’s alive here, even after the kids leave.

The KASPIAN Club isn’t just for kids from street. We also have our SENIORS!


Familiar with oldies music? Yes. Various types of training? Yes. Psychohygiene? Guaranteed.

For some time now, a group of female instructors has been energizing our space in the evenings. What secrets hide behind years of exercise for the body and soul? The group leader, Ms. Ing. Věra Gersová, told us about their unusual beginnings.


Her relationship with exercise started in childhood when she began attending regular corrective exercises due to health problems. In Prague, where she grew up, as a mother of two, she later started attending “Parents and Children” exercises with Ms. Berdychová at TJ SOKOL Malá Strana. Over two months of these exercises with Ms. Berdychová, Ms. Věra was inspired to take teacher training courses “Parents and Children and Health Physical Education” upon her return to Bratislava.

Then, along with her third child, she began exercising with parents and children at TJ Matador and later at TJ Starý Háj, where they also helped as assistant instructors. As part of this exercise with children, they ended with an exercise with adults, and the children would draw during that time.


“Our children grew up, but we continued to exercise,” recalls Ms. Věra. “We continue to exercise, alternating between the 5 Tibetan Rites, Callanetics, Pilates, Yoga, exercises with overballs, bands, and more. Essentially, we’ve been exercising together for more than 40 years. I exercise without payment, I run risk management courses in the organization, and the girls only contribute to the cost of the space. I dare say that we all enjoy exercising together, and we look forward to more and more exercises.”

We at KASPIAN can confirm that at first glance, it’s clear that this amazing group is united not only by common interests and motivation but also by optimism and a great surge of positive energy. Therefore, we wish our beloved instructors at least 40 more successful years. You’re doing a great job!