We are a civic association based in Bratislava since 1997. We focus mainly on activities and services for children and youth, however, we do not forget about families or individuals from the neighborhood either. Within low-threshold programs, we are dedicated to young people of 7 to 23 years. We carry out the community, sport, and free-time activities. We pass on our experiences to parents, students as well as education specialists. And how  does it look like in practice? You can see it HERE in our photobook.


KASPIAN improves the lives of kids and youth through easily accessible programs. We help them using methods of social work, leisure, participatory and preventive activities, as well as through education.


We want every child and youth to develop healthy, in a safe environments with support from their community and we want them to understand, that they take responsibility for their own decisions.


We are professional and transparent, but in the first place, we maintain a human approach. We respect the uniqueness of each person. Although we sometimes disagree with the decissions of people we take care of, we accept them. We react to their actual situation and needs. It is of the utmost importance for us to maintain the safety and trust of the children and young people. We are flexible in providing help but stable in values, which we follow.

Our team

Mgr. Zuzka Milatová

Guarantor of accreditation of programs for children and youth within SPODaSK on MPSVaR SR. She works as a terrain worker, trainer in education, and supervisor. She is dedicated to building and developing corporate partnerships.

mob.: 0910 909 698

Mgr. Marína Bartoňová

Statutory representative, who was in on establishment of the club KASPIAN. She is dedicated to direct work with children and youth in the club. She develops collaboration with the Public administration of Slovakia, she deals with accreditations, legislation, and strategic documents. She is in charge of student practice.

mob.: 0903 584 803

Mgr. Radka Babuliaková

She is a project and financial manager of the European project within the framework of social protection of children and social curatorship in the natural environment. She is currently on maternity leave.

mob.: 0911 584 803

Mgr. Michal Berta

Social field worker, dedicated to children and youth in the skatepark and close surroundings. He is a coordinator of terrain social work. He is in charge of managing the building of low threshold club and skatepark, as well as organization’s website management and he also helps with online communication.

mob.: 0911 484 803

Mgr. Silvia Ilavská

Social field worker, dedicated to children and youth in the skatepark and close surroundings. She is coordinator of community activities and she is in charge of rental premises of community center. She is also dedicated to fundraising, online communication, social media management and graphics.

mob.: 0911 500 276

Mgr. Alica Hovorková

Psychologist, who is dedicated to direct work with children and youth in the club. She is in charge of the management of the organization, administration management and financial reporting. She is a coordinator of volunteers.

mob.: 0910 659 127

Mgr. Soňa Hacajová

Actually on maternity leave. She was dedicated to direct work in low threshold clubs, corporate partnerships, writing and project realization.

Martin Kľuka

Intern, who is dedicated mostly to children and youth in the club. He studies Medical pedagogy at the Comenius University in Bratislava.

About low threshold

What are low threshold programs:

Low threshold programs for children and youth represent complex of stationary of terrain provided services (social and leisure), which are for children and youth easily accessible.

The goal and the target group:

The goal of programs like these is to contribute to life improvement of a target group, to create conditions for making contact for specific work with the target group (in case of KASPIAN, those are children and youth), which is avoiding the standard institutional help, or do not search for it actively, and for which it is assumed to need and expediency of help.

Low threshold club:

Is a work with a client in a specific delimited area of the facility, which is situated in the locality, where target group lives, respectively spend their leisure time.

Terrain and social work:

Is work with a client in places outside the premises of institution – in a natural area of a client. The effort is to get to the children and younger people, penetrate to the places, where they usually reside, and live.

Asociation oh low threshold club programs for children and youth (ANPDM)

ANPDM overarch these programs, creates standards and lobby in their favor in Slovakia, prepares common activities (events for children and youth,conferences, education etc.), shares information and experiences. For more information about low threshold visit website www.nizkoprah.sk.