KASPIAN and community

KASPIAN – we know the stories of today’s children, but we also care about the community.

In recent years, we have deliberately focused our activities on the local community with whom we are in direct contact every day. The goal is to support community life in this area, support the parenting skills of parents of young children, and improve the wider public’s understanding of the target group with whom we work year-round.

Therefore, in 2019 we started activities that were not only focused on our main target group but on the wider community as well.

Naturally, in 2020, community activities were the ones most affected by the pandemic. The truth is that we were unable to carry out many of our activities, but we were happy that at least some of them were successful – especially our summer and winter activities, which we want to continue this year.

So, what is the cherry on top of our year-round activities?

Summer Reading – for the third year in a row, parents, grandparents, and young children can enjoy reading children’s books on beanbags in the shade of large trees. Beanbags and books at the playground in front of the club are really occupied every sunny day, except for Tuesday, when we have Monte Summer prepared for both younger and older children.

Monte Summer – activities inspired by Montessori pedagogy enliven our playground during July and August. Children can develop their skills at attractive stations that change every week.

Sports Day – is a day when family members strengthen their relationships through sports and good mood in front of KASPIAN during the summer. Families with children have the opportunity to try out many sports and water activities, earning points, and at the end, they receive a sweet reward or prizes.

Pik-Nik – is a community event in September, when it gets dark, creating an unmistakable autumn, intimate atmosphere. This event, aimed at the general public, includes sports and cultural activities, bubble and creative workshops, musical performances, tasty refreshments, fire or light shows, and much more. Although we were unable to organize Pik-Nik last year, we believe that this year will be different, and we will finally be able to enjoy the eighth edition of our traditional event.

Advent Wreath Making – offers the opportunity to make your own original wreath and choose from a colorful, creative material. With this event on the first Advent Sunday, we welcome the Christmas season and enjoy a neighborhood atmosphere. In 2020, we managed to organize it, even in smaller groups.

In addition to the annual activities, we have managed to build a useful herb garden with the community and beautify the playground by painting it. Community activities are popular with people from the local and wider community, and for us, they are a time when we can naturally introduce our work and get to know each other better.