Social field work

Social field workers go out to streets to meet children and youth. They are children’s and youth’s support in the growing up phase, they help them to orientate in the new situations and to find solutions in the difficult life phases. They offer help and preventive activities. They create conditions for realizing ideas and together with young people, they realize them. ( activities and comptetitions)

Service and activity offer is dedicated to children and youth of ages 7 to 23 years, in places, where they usually spend their free time.

When are we in terrain?

Monday14:00 – 18:00
Wednesday14:00 – 18:00
Thursday14:00 – 18:00
Friday14:00 – 18:00

In which locations are field services provided?

  • Petržalka skatepark
  • Bicross track
  • Ovsište
  • Eurovea
  • Aupark
  • Town square
  • School playgrounds


Skatepark is a center of various sports activities, occasions and also the background for our social field workers. As the only public sports workplace of a kind in Bratislava serves mainly to bicycle riders, freestyle scooters riders, rollerskaters, and skateboarders. The entry is free, but considering the types of sports that are performed there, it is only at a person own risk.

In 2006 was skatepark completely reconstructed by us. These days, together with riders, we try to cultivate it, so its visitors feel good and safe there. We use this area also thanks to the symbolic rent from the City District of Petržalka.


Sport events

Scoot Jam

Scoot Jam is a competition of scooter riders performing tricks in a freestyle. It is based on the initiative of the young riders, who are project creators. The competition is intended mostly for young people, who are actively involved in scoots, or are sympathizers of it. You can watch a video from the competition here.

Better Sport Life Jam

Better Sport Life Jam is the international competition of freestyle bike riders. It is based on initiative of young bike riders, who are also creators of this project. The competition is intended for youth, who are actively involved in BMX, MTB cycling, or are supporters.

You can learn more about the event: