Sports for health!

At KASPIAN, we adhere to the motto of promoting regular sports among children and young people with whom we come in contact. When we talk about children’s health during this time, more than ever before, we mean not only their physical condition but also their mental state.

Although we have independent and skilled athletes in the field who are motivated, support for sports and a helping hand is needed. Not everyone who is passionate about riding has the opportunity to have their own scooter or tools for its repair. Therefore, especially during the summer months, we bring scooters with us as part of our service that children can borrow. Helmets, first aid kits, BMX bikes, and others are also included. Through sports, children can spend time meaningfully in the skatepark, even if they do not have their own sports equipment or if it is in the shop for repairs. 😊

It is sometimes more challenging in the club as not everyone wants to play sports when they have a PlayStation, cards, and many board games at hand. That is why, since April, we have gradually been renewing our arsenal of favorite sports equipment, especially accessories for table tennis, a boxing trainer, and balls. In addition to proven needs, we have also purchased unusual games such as spikeball or a set for archery, which has become a big hit.

We are grateful to our partners – MČ Bratislava – Petržalka,, bonkybike, and IUVENTA – for allowing us to help and lend so many interesting sports needs to children and young people.

Thank you!