Scoot Jam 21

On Sunday (August 15), after several years of hiatus, Scoot Jam 21 took place! The freestyle scooter competition was organized in less than a month of intensive collaboration with the competition partner and a young organizing team consisting of the riders themselves.

It was they who came up with the initiative to organize the competition, which used to be popular in the past. The team’s work meetings took place mostly online this time. Children and youth were also involved in preparing the area for the competition and the riders.

At the Scoot Jam 21 competition, scooter riders competed in three categories: amateurs, advanced, and pro. We firmly believe that the next edition will also include a street category.

We would like to thank the competition partners and Lidl Slovenská republika, v.o.s., as well as all volunteers, without whom it would not have been possible to organize the Scoot Jam 21 competition and support meaningful leisure activities for children and youth!

Riders placements:

Qualification – Amateurs:

Kevický 188b

Falcan 183b

Baňár 152b

Ondrejka 149b

Pozník 147b

Riso 146b / Brestovanský 146b

Novota 133b

Chrappa 131b

Bak 128b

Kotlár 116b / Horák 116b

Záhor 111b (withdrew due to injury)

Forman 102b

Sláviková 89b

Gajdošik 82b

Múčka 81b / Majerník 81b

Fekete 79b

Qualification – Advanced:

Cársky 192b

Ladics 181b

Gajdošik 180b

Baďura 167b

Staraba 156b

Luptak 155b

Vejmelka 141b

Janáč 134b

Šišolák 133b

Zeman 128b

Matúš 119b

Kusý – disqualified / Rumíšek – not qualified

Final – Amateurs:

Kevický 198b

Baňár 193b

Falcan 176b

Riso 155b

Pozník 149b

Brestovanský 135b / Ondrejka 135b

Final – Advanced:

Cársky 187b

Luptak 179b

Ladics 172b

Gajdošik 169b

Baďura 160b

Staraba 157b

Final – Pro:

Goldschmidt 207b

Šmida 190b

Duraj 182b

Andreutti 181b

Hubina 146b